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3 Modes Of Traveling From London To Bath

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A trip to Bath is a wonderful option. The city is named after its Roman period baths. The place has been stated a world heritage by UNESCO due to the beautiful hot springs, Roman and Georgian architecture. Bath is well known for architectural sites like Pulteney Bridge, Abbey’s Tower, The Circus, and Royal Crescent. They also have The Jane Austen Centre, which is dedicated to the notable novelist Jane Austen. In case you don’t know how to get to Bath then these are some modes of transportation that can take you there.

Reach Bath Through Bus  

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Each hour a bus departs from London. The bus service for Bath commences in the morning from 7: 30 AM till 11:00 PM. A bus ride from London to Bath will cost about £5 to an average person. You can take the bus from London Victoria Coach Station. The station where you have to stop is Bath Spa Bus Station. Your journey will be about 180 minutes long but you get to save some money. That’s why this option is budget-friendly. 

Arrive At Bath By Train


A train ticket can be a little pricier but it will be beneficial in case you are running out of time. A train ride will amount to £12.60 per person. The first train to Bath starts at 5:19 AM. You will reach your destination in around 90 minutes or maybe more. The last train service takes off at 11:30 PM. First, you need to get to London Paddington and catch a train to Bristol Temple Meads. However, you have to switch the train to Swindon or Westbury.

Visit Bath By Vehicle 

A car ride is great if you prefer comfort and it will take about 150 minutes or so to reach Bath from London. There are 2 particular routes for the city of Bath. You have the Stonehenge route which is 122 miles long or the Windsor route which covers 115 miles. If you want to see something historical like Stonehenge at A303 then prefer the first choice whereas the Windsor route is good for Swindon and Windsor enthusiasts. There is a fee that you have to pay for driving in the center of London. It will cost roughly  £11.50 as the toll depends on the path you are taking. 


The world heritage site is popular among tourists for its thermal spas, architecture, and parks. If you are someone who is visiting London then a trip to Bath will be quite an intriguing experience. The city is not far from London and easy to reach. Many means can take you to Bath. The article mentions the list of options available for a visitor. Beneficial for someone who is wondering about how to get to Bath.

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