Best Places for Staycation UK

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The UK has developed into one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, thanks to the best places for staycation UK. This emanates from the country’s pleasant climate, enticing appeal as a tourist destination, and its easy accessibility. Most common place for staycation UK is the South Ayrshire town of Prestwick. It is conveniently located just across the border from Scotland and is an ideal base for exploring and enjoying your staycation UK. There are other Prestwick accommodation options that you could consider.

UK Staycation Places

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You’ll also want to consider staying at Prestwick airport, which is just a few minutes’ drive from central Prestwick itself. Prestwick International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK, and it caters to international flights. By choosing to staycation UK at an airport located so close to the heart of the city, you will save time by avoiding rush hour traffic. Other staycation UK hotspots include Birstall in North Yorkshire, which is only five miles away from the city centre, and Henley in Merseyside, which is only 3.5 miles away.

The best places for staycation UK comprise of those that are centrally located. You want to find somewhere that is convenient for all of your traveling needs, such as a hotel, bed and breakfast or vacation rental home. However, you might consider stayingcation UK in a cottage, which is centrally located in a wooded area. Cottages are usually located in idyllic settings that allow tourists to enjoy nature without worrying about disturbing the locals. Some of the popular staycation UK locations include Cheddar Cottage, St. Ives, and Prestwick.

Of course, the UK weather is always welcoming during the summer months and stayingcation UK becomes even more appealing. One of the best places for staycation UK during July and August is Cowes Regatta. Cowes is an historic seaside resort in South Cornwall and is surrounded by beautiful beaches, rivers and castles. This is a great place to go on a relaxing, refreshing holiday break and you can even rent cottages for the same purpose.

A staycation UK would not be complete without experiencing the fabulous coastal weather. Most of the best places for staycation UK in the summer months contain beaches with stunning scenery, including golden sands, stunning cliffs, exquisite countryside and seascapes. Cowes is also home to a large market town known as Porth Wen, which has a vibrant, thriving economy. It is not far from Cowes where you can also discover the wonderful countryside of Mid Wales, which is known for its rugged landscape, stunning castles and country homes. Welsh beaches are among the best places for staycation UK during the summer months.

If you love the beach then you will love staycation UK. There are so many different beaches in Cowes and as a result, there is a great variety of activities and attractions to enjoy on the beach. You can kick back and tan on the sand or play water skiing in the sea. If you are more of a water lover, then there are so many fantastic beach resorts and hotels around Cowes, including Sea Life London and The Solent where you can enjoy staying at the beaches until the evening. If you are a real sports fan, then you will love golf at the famous Winter Gardens and at least one of the world’s famous 12 golf courses located in Llangollen.

For people who are interested in exploring the outdoors but do not like to get wet, staycation UK is perfect for them. There are so many beautiful, challenging and breathtaking places that you can go to and enjoy outdoor activities. Some of the best places for staycation in the UK include the Cheddar Caves and Glasmere which are situated just beside each other. You can hike through the Cheddar Caves and look out over the Glasmere Country Park and if you love to explore your country’s history, you can visit Stonehenge which is situated near Stonehenge.

End note

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When you are looking for the best places for staycation in the UK, you may also want to consider a staycation apartment. An apartment is a much more affordable holiday than a hotel and you will not feel as stressed about having to leave your accommodation at the end of the holiday. A staycation apartment will allow you to enjoy your holiday fully, whether that be walking in the countryside or taking in the beautiful scenery of your country. You will feel like you are coming back to your country.

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