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Inspiring Travel Bookshop London

travel bookshop london

This Travel Bookshop was founded in 1979. It has been privately run for more than 26 year. It is nestled between the local art galleries, eateries and the several retro and avant-garde boutiques of Notting Hill. It offers a cornucopia of reader’s delights and exotic authors. The surrounding streets are often noisy and crowded, littered with famous writers, eclectic personalities and settings you might have seen elsewhere.

What does The Travel Bookshop London Offer?

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This famous bookstore stocks an enormous range of latest guidebooks, The Travel Bookstore also offers literature, travelogues, history and biography, all arranged country by country. Their entire stock includes maps, atlases, photographic titles, and an eclectic range of second-hand, rare and antiquarian books.

Review of the Store

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As per some tourists, this travel bookshop stocks nearly every travel guide and travel book under the sun. It shot to fame because of the film ‘Notting Hill’, in which Hugh Grant runs a bookshop identical to this one and in the same locality. This shop is worth a visit. It has a quaint feeling that nowadays all the big modern books do not have. It is easy to spend hours at this book shop.

How to Get There?

This bookshop in Notting Hill is a 10-minute walk from the Notting Hill Gate station. One of the easiest ways to get to Notting Hill Gate is to rely on Citymapper.

When to Go and What to Buy at the Store?

This store is located on 142 Portobello Road. It is quite popular today and any time you go, it has the potential to be crowded. It is better to go there in the morning and pairing it with a brunch at the nearby eatery.

This shop sells only travel books. But they also have tons of beautiful gifts to get your hands on for your loved ones. It is the best place to buy a souvenir.


This Notting Hill Travel bookshop is a local charming store on the streets of West London. The director of the film ‘Notting Hill’ took inspiration from this street, as he used to always pass this street. He was not allowed to use the actual location as a set of his film, so he had to recreate a new set somewhere else. The film became a superhit and thousands flocked to the shop each year to get their Notting Hill moment.

The store closed in 2011 after trying really hard with campaigning and crowd-funding to help it keep going. It was later purchased by The Book Warehouse after the owner Simon Gaul realized that his children were not interested in continuing the family business. The book warehouse keeps up the spirit of the rom-com alive with the Notting Hill name. The bookshop was actually called the Travel Book Company in the film, while in reality it is the Travel bookshop.

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