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The city which stands on the River Thames with all its grace is the city, London. It is the most beautiful city across the globe. It is visited by millions of visitors.  St. George’s Red-colored cross on the pure white background is the flag of your dream city, London. There are numerous places in London which are not only popular but also noteworthy. People who plan to tour the globe, always keep this dream city in their list. London is the capital of England, and interestingly also the capital of the United Kingdom. In the ancient era, Romans first found the city in the name of Londinium. Among the top-ranked global cities, London is one. It’s a prosperous city full of entertainment, fashion, arts, and crafts. Apart from that, London is a core of excellence in education, health department, research, transport system, commerce, media, finance, and many more. Most people live a crystal-like polished luxurious lifestyle. 

Notable Places In London To Visit


London indeed is the most visited city by tourists in the whole of England. Nearly 20 million tourists go to visit London per year. London has owned several attractions and cultural edifices. Many royal palaces, Parliament, grand roads everywhere you can get a peek of glamour. One of the essential places in London is Buckingham Palace. This palace was established in 1837. It’s the dwelling of Royal families till Queen Victoria. The attraction is the March of the Changing Guard with music and bands. Next, you can’t ignore the Tower of London, Tower Bridge. It’s one of the iconic structures of Britain. Every inch of this tower or every nook and corner is filled with precious designs and crafts. London is incomplete without Big Ben and Parliament. What a golden glow of the Parliament is! The elevation is 380 feet. Excursions of the parliament buildings provide a singular likelihood to check

periods of debates and spirited political conversations. From Parliament to Whitehall is lined by such a large number of government buildings that its name has become synonymous with the British people’s government. The world’s topmost art Museum is in London, named National Gallery. It’ll depict everything from 1260 to 1920. Another remarkable trademark is The Shard. It was inaugurated in 2012. However, it has made its place in the top list.

Is A Visit To London Expensive?


Yes, there is no confusion about it because London is the most expensive city to visit. Now it’s up to you where you’ll stay and how long you’ll spend in London. In the entire Europe, London has reached the second-highest position based on its net worth. London has so many prestigious institutions in the education sector. You can also have diverse cultured people in London. Further, more than 300 languages are available in London. In a word, London is God’s one of the best creations.


Don’t suppress your desire to visit London once. Just take a break from your boring schedule and escape for a few days.

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