London Travel Alert - Things to keep in mind while traveling to London -

London Travel Alert – Things to keep in mind while traveling to London

london travel alert

Planning a trip to London for the first time? Well, planning a trip to one of the biggest cities in the world might leave you with a lot of chaos and apprehension. Right? Ofcourse, the city is full of amazing culture, views, and certainly with varieties of foods. It has seemingly limitless tourist attractions, great pubs, and ample shopping malls. Seems exciting, right?

But before planning anything further, here are some tips and tricks you might love to add to make your journey stress free and more memorable.

So, here we go.

Things to consider while traveling to London

A tall building in a city

Have a look at the most essential things you need to know while traveling to London.

London is Enormous-

There is no denying the fact that London is huge! Together with millions of people, the city and metropolitan area are enormous. So, remember to book a hotel in the best area of London.

This will save your time, as traveling in London takes several hours per day. And not to forget, the cost of traveling might disturb your budget.


Uk uses Pounds

Oyster Card

Take an Oyster Card, which is free with a small refundable deposit. This will be the best option for your transportation as it will save you 50% compared to a single ticket.

Remember, as there are peak times of the year to visit London, there are peak times of the day you can travel within London on public transport. Yes, that is precisely true. Peak times are Monday to Friday mornings, 6:30 am to 9:30 am, and afternoon 4 pm to 7 pm. Travel outside these times and get cheaper off-peak rates.


The Brits speak English. However, every English-speaking country has its own unique terms and slang. Make sure you are familiar with some words that you might hear in London.

Let us introduce some terms you might find useful for your trip.

Unique Terms used in London

The tower of the city with Palace of Westminster in the background

Loo = Toilet or Bathroom

Cheers = Thanks

Queue = Lines

Bin = Trash

Biscuit = Cookies

Crisps = Chips

Ground floor= First floor

Petrol = Gas

So, these are the words you are likely to use or hear more often in London.

Travel Advice

Go through the US Embassy’s web page regarding your stay and visa related matters.

Follow the instructions of the native authority.

Keep an eye on the local media for events and adjust your plans.

Review the Crime and Safety report for the UK.

Isn’t it so easy to visit London? Well, of course, it is. So get started with your planning and have a wonderful experience of London.

Summing up

No wonder, London is an amazing city full of hustle and bustle. To be honest with all their culture, history and amazing people London is worth visiting. Make it top to your bucket list to visit London right away.

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