London United Kingdom – What Is Expected In The Location

london united kingdom

London, standing in the southwest of England and on the river Thames, is the capital, the Largest city in the United Kingdom. There have been many famous places around the world to visit. People do go on vacation and ponder about which country would be the best to visit. Visiting a place often leads one to have all the information about the place which helps to properly plan out visiting the place. One such greatly famous place among the huge tourist attractions in the London United Kingdom. Here are some great facts about the place and the budget that one would require to visit. 

About Present Day London

While visiting London, one must make sure to make out time for the Harry Potter tour of warner bros studio. Harry Potter fans would surely love it. Bath day trip to Stonehenge is another exciting experience to experience in London. Another great thing to do in London is to visit the sea life aquarium. This would be loved by children and can be the most romantic destination to visit in London. London is also famous for buses. While visiting London, one must make sure to ride the big bus (Hop on Hop Off) in London. Now coming to the most important part which is the budget. If someone is traveling on a strict budget then one must know that one must be needing at least one hundred and twenty dollars to visit the place.d. 

Visiting Places in London

A large stone building with a grassy field with Stonehenge in the background

Firstly London is the capital of two countries. The United Kingdom and England have its capital – London. London is most famous for the “big ben” clock tower which is meant to be the biggest in the world. Hence, if someone is planning to visit the capital then one must make sure to visit the “big ben”. There have been many other popular tourist attractions in the London United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, tower bridge, St.paul’s cathedral, River Thames cruise, London’s eye, canary wharf, Greenwich park, O2 arena, millennium bridge, Chinatown, Piccadilly, British Museum, Victoria Museum, Westminster Abbey, and many more. River Thames is a must to visit. Thames River is famous for its famous cruise cuisine. There have been many great activities to do in London which make up the most popular attractions in the London United Kingdom. 


A chair sitting in front of a building

One can add even more hundred dollars for the staying accommodations. London is surely an expensive place to visit. But it would be worth visiting the place. One must figure out the entire thing about visiting London and of course, the Dos and Don’ts is a must if someone doesn’t want to get into trouble in a foreign land. London is a financial and cultural center for the United Kingdom. It has rich history and culture also the best place to visit once. It has a wintery climate also has very fertile land for cultivation. If you love to travel don’t forget to put London in your list

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