Provide Security Even in Bad Weather, Made of High-Density Material and Makes You Feel Cool!

Summer and monsoon always give tough times to everyone. People get tired of scorching heat, and in monsoon, they are tired of continuous rain, especially in the coastal area. In this kind of situation, the Umbrella plays a crucial role. In summers, the main problem is UV rays which have an adverse impact on our skin, eyes, and hair. One must carry an umbrella with them during these seasons especially. To protect ourselves from getting drenched in the rain that might affect our health. Even if you live in cold places, an umbrella is necessary over there also for snow. It is necessary to protect yourself from the snow; otherwise, you may fall sick, or you may get various diseases. 

So you can stay protected from all the above-mentioned situations by using our trendy and super compactable Umbrella. Let’s discuss in detail about the product.  

Portable Mini Umbrella 

Our trendy and best seller product is a portable mini umbrella. Carrying an umbrella is not difficult, but those bulky and old-fashioned umbrellas as quite hectic. We have a solution for your Umbrella that is easy to store as it has five folding functions. It is specially designed to protect you from UV protection, and the cherry on the cake is it is made up of eco-friendly material. And don’t go on the size of an umbrella. It is small but can easily withstand heavy rains and winds. The diameter of the Umbrella’s parachute is 85 cm. The height is 48 cm and 42.5 cm semi-arc. The package of the product includes a manual umbrella. The most amazing thing about this Umbrella is it comes in nine various beautiful colors like black, sky blue, purple, yellow, brown, and many more.  

Now protect yourself from the adverse environment with our super compactable Umbrella.  


Panel Material: Black Coating

Size: S

Function: Folding

Model Number: Umbrella

Product: Umbrella 

Age Group: Adults

Pattern: Five- Folding Umbrella

Material: Metal

Control: Non-automatic Umbrella 

A close up of an umbrella


  • Easy to carry, and you can easily store it in your small bag.
  • Made up of premium material that can withstand bad weather. 
  • The Umbrella is non-automatic, so it will last long. 
  • Affordable as compared to local market price. 
  • It is made up of Metal material, so it is not fragile and will last long. 
A person holding an umbrella


  • The Umbrella is too big for the kids, so it can only be used by adults. 

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Now say goodbye to those old-fashioned bulky umbrellas. And get your hands on this comfortable, compactable Umbrella. Protect yourself from a harmful environment and stay protected.  

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