Some of the Best Places in London

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London, the capital of England, and the UK itself, are an increasingly popular place to visit with many people flocking to take in some of the great attractions in the city. In fact, London has long been a center for tourism, with millions of visitors every year. Among the popular places in London is the top five tourist destinations in the world, which can be broadly categorized into two main categories: historical destinations and modern destinations. The latter include such locations as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Hyde Park and so forth. Here are some of the best places in London under each of these main heading.

An Overview

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London’s South Bank is among the most famous buildings in the world, housing the famous London Eye, among others. Along with the South Bank comes other important landmarks, including the Bank of England, a symbol of London’s power and financial status. South Bank is also home to a large number of hotels and pubs, some of which can be traced back in history. As such, the best things to do in London include visiting the aforementioned London eye, as well as other places in and around South bank.

Number two on the list of popular places in London is the Cabinet Street Market, which hosts a number of famous buildings and historic monuments. Among the buildings which can be found here are The Old Bailey, The Bank of England, The Temple of Holies and so forth. These buildings and landmarks make up the best things to do in London, along with the opportunity to shop and dine at the numerous restaurants around the area.

Places To Visit In London

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A third popular place in London, which is frequented by tourists and locals alike, is Kensington Palace. One of the most famous attractions in London, Kensington Palace is the residence of The Queen. It is one of the best known landmarks in London, along with The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. Among the best known monuments in Kensington, are the Kensington Garden Royal Yard, which features the flower museum, Natural History Museum and also The Kensington Palace itself. To enjoy beautiful gardens, Kensington Botanic Gardens and The Royal Botanic Gardens are the ideal destinations to visit.

Londoners who want to have an exclusive day out from the busy city streets should head to Hyde Park for a gala afternoon tea. In Hyde Park, you can have tea with the queen or prince, or with your friends, relatives or colleagues. However, if you are looking to have a more relaxing day out in London, The Ritz Hotel would be the perfect destination. Founded by the wealthy Ritz family in 1897, it is London’s biggest and best-known hotel. Located in Hyde Park, The Ritz Hotel is just a stones throw away from the park. And if you are looking for some Ritz Carlton treats, its nearby tube station would make it very convenient.

If you are looking for an architectural masterpiece in the world, then London has got to have the Regent’s Park. One of the best things to do in London while staying at the Regent’s Park is to take a stroll through its numerous royal inspired architecture. One of the most famous architectural wonders in London is Horse Guards as it is also one of the most famous attractions in central London. The horse guards were originally built as a palace guard in the court of Henry VIII, although they moved to their present location in the north end of Regent’s Park. It is located on the corner of the famous Kensington High Street.

While you are in central London, you should not miss out on seeing the monuments that mark the wealth and royal history of London. One of the best places to witness such monuments is the Buckingham Palace. The entrance to the palace is from its magnificent staircase that takes around two hundred steps. And if you are looking for other royal and wealthy attractions in London, then you should not miss out on a trip to the famous St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

In The End

Some of the other best London attractions can be found in central London attractions such as the Tower Bridge and Big Ben. However, it should be mentioned that due to high security measures, visitors are not allowed to walk on the Thames at certain times of the year. If you are visiting London during some of these periods, then you can try to walk over the Tower Bridge. Or, you can take a cable car ride to the top of Big Ben. Both of these popular places in London are some of the best tourist attractions in the city.

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