The Seven Days London Travelcard Is All You Need For London Travels -

The Seven Days London Travelcard Is All You Need For London Travels

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A London Travelcard is a paper ticket which is valid on all public transport in the city. It is perfect for travelling quickly and easily. These travelcards are valid for either one day, two days, three days or seven days. You decide which one suits your errands and make one accordingly. 

Reasons Why You Should Use A London Travelcard

  • Enjoy unlimited travel with the travel card: It gives you an opportunity to travel on London public transport including the Tube, London buses, national trains and overground rail trains on an unlimited basis. 
  • One ticket and there will be no hassle: You will be saving yourself from the hassle of buying single fare tickets for every single transport you take and instead there will be only one ticket for all the transports. 
  • You will be saving your time and skipping the queues: You don’t have to stand in long queues at the train station for purchasing tickets. This will save you time and you can board your transport as soon as you arrive in London. 
  • Travel to and from the Heathrow airport: You can freely travel to the Heathrow airport through the central London. 
  • You will be receiving really good amount of discount at various transports if you have a London travelcard. 

Transports Where London Travelcard Can Be Used:

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  • The London Underground
  • The Tube
  • Open overground National Rail Trains
  • London buses

How Do London Travelcards Work?

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The travelcards are stamped with date you wish to use it. So once you receive your travel card by post it will be ready to use as soon as you arrive in London. You can show this travel card simply to your bus drivers and use it. It should keep this in mind that you cannot buy a paper 7  days travelcard once you get to London. If you want to get a 7 days travelcard in London it will be loaded onto an Oyster card instead.


The London public transport system is divided into zones which is radiating from the centre of London. All the hotels and the main site are in zone one. The Heathrow airport is located in zone 6. Majority of visitors travel mostly in central zones one and two. The travel cards you purchase have unlimited journeys or flat fee but the price you pay for your travel card is determined by the fare of the zones you want to travel in. The more the fare of zones you want to cover, the more expensive will be your travel card.

Where Can You Get The Travelcards From? 

You can buy travelcards from railway ticket office. These cards come with a rail logo but for buying a 7 day travel card you will be needing a real photo ID card. You can also buy travel cards in advance from online websites. Even in such case you need photo ID for both children and adults. You can also buy travel cards from underground and DLR stations. The best and most convenient place to buy travel card for visitors is the Heathrow airport and other underground stations.

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