Three Cheapest Places To Live In London -

Three Cheapest Places To Live In London

cheapest places to live in london

It doesn’t matter if you love music, art or food or just aim for getting a job in your particular chosen field, London is one of the renowned and best places in the entire globe. But the capital London is also heavy on pockets. The streets are actually not of gold, but you will know the rental prices that are exactly double of the English average or the house prices. Also, the house prices in London got a hike by 3.9% in the past 12 months. Being one of the big cities, this place offers you wonderful and budget-friendly places to live. Below, you will easily see some of the best cheapest places to live in London.

Three Wonderful Cheapest Places To Live In London

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Barking And Dagenham

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This east London area is only 9 miles away from the city’s main center and is home to the lowest average home price in London. Barking and Dagenham properties cost people around Euro 46,000 more than the English average. Whereas on the other hand, the renting process is 66% more expensive than the average. So, as a result, you will lose Euro 5700 more every year compared to the typical English renter.


Situated on the river’s southern side, you can not beat the neighboring Bexley’s average rental price by any borough. This is the ideal cheapest place to live in London. The area is also known for the lowest average house prices along with the low crime rate. This place also has a wide collection of more than 100 green spaces and parks. Also, one beer pint at Bexley costs you around £3.03 on average, which is way less than the average £5.19 of London pint.


This place has around 3,86,000 inhabitants have around lowest anxiety levels of the London borough. Also, this place is light on pockets as it offers cheap house and rental prices. Buying a beer pint here for £1.99 on average makes you feel good. Also, if you want to get an escape from the city, then you’re within a stone’s throw of the sprawling green spaces outside the capital, London. The borough is ambitious, and this place has been trying a lot for many years to become London’s third official city. Also, this place is offering a current Euro three .5 billion regeneration scheme that would go a long way in order to convince civil authorities. This initiative was said to provide new shops, offices, and homes along with several facilities for young residents and several disabled people.


Well living in London could be quite heavy on your pockets but if you find the right cheapest places to live in London, then it will be easy for you to make a decision properly in order to save your money more. After all, earning and saving both very difficult tasks, and to live a good life, we need to make every decision wisely.

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