Three Most Promising Places Hiring in London KY -

Three Most Promising Places Hiring in London KY

places hiring in london ky

Searching for Places Hiring in London, KY might seem difficult to some, but it is an extremely easy task. There are a large number of good Places Hiring in London, KY. There are basic requirements for the job that you need to fulfill. The places have a great working ambiance and everyone working over there is extremely friendly.

The Top Three Places Hiring in London KY

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Customer Service Representative

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Specifications of job: It is a full-time job, insurance of health is available, and training is paid.

Qualifications for the job: Customer service, a diploma from high school or GED, and typing.

Description of the job: Over here, the customer service aims at creating an impact on delivering information about healthcare to the people. For performing this role with efficiency, proper training is given over here. Also, since it is a laborious job, you might have to pull shifts on weekends and make your schedule flexible. The training is paid, and the shifts are family-friendly. This job will help you in succeeding in life. You will have to use technology at standard levels. For instance, you are sending emails, browsing the web, and answering calls.

Responsibilities at the job: You will have to answer the phone time and again.

Appointment Scheduler

Benefits from the job: insurance of health, insurance of vision, insurance of dental department, reimbursement of tuition, and account of spending is flexible.

Qualifications for the job: Diploma from high school or GED

Description of the job: In this job, one has to take appointments for medical procedures, patients, tests, etc. The job of a scheduler demands you to be very confident and active all the time. You need to be versatile in using technology and in communicating with people. Apart from this, you are required to be kind towards the patients and fair while dealing with them. Special offers are also available for you as well as your family.

Responsibilities at the job: You have to answer not only the calls but also schedule appointments for patients. Communicate the entire procedure to them clearly and explain the instructions as well. Besides this, collecting fees and other duties as well might be assigned to you.

Entry Screener at St. Joseph London

Qualification for the job: Good communication skills, a diploma from high school, customer service, and OSHA.

Description of the job: Your job would be to greet the patients with etiquettes and ensure that only those people are entering who are authorized to enter. You have to check their temperatures and make sure that everyone is wearing a mask. Follow the entire protocol of screening, collect all the required documents, direct them, guide them, and give them all the required information.

Requirements for the job: You must maintain a proper standard at work, be mature enough to make judgments, must follow the dress-code protocol, and might have to work on weekends as well as late at night.

The requirement of skills: Must be able to present himself in an extremely professional manner. Maintain a positive attitude towards the patients and communicate with them politely. Direct them as well as guide them properly. Must be able to use all electronic items with efficiency and should have the ability of problem-solving.


There are many places that hire in London, KY. They are looking for people with the potential to work with full efficiency. So, send your resumes and apply for jobs without wasting any time.

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