Top 8 London Coolest Places

London Coolest Places

If there ever had to be a city full of secrets and hidden treasures, that surely has to be London. Among all the hustle and bustle of the city, London has too many hidden gems. And that is surely not possible for one person to visit in just one trip! There are quite a few places that can easily be called the London coolest places and deserve to be on every adventurer’s itinerary.

Are you excited to find out what these places are? So are we! Read the list given below to find out what these super hidden and super cool spots are!

The Coolest Places In London

Platform 9 3/4

London Coolest Places - Platform 9 3/4
Top 8 London Coolest Places

Oh, come on! Who has not seen Harry Potter and wished to be a part of Hogwarts! As have you, so have we. So, why not pay a visit to the famous magical platform? Yes, that’s right! London is the place where Platform 9 3/4 is! Well, if you try pushing yourself through the wall, you will end up getting a bump on your head. But doesn’t harm to visit the place and take a selfie, right?

Twinings Tea Shop

Ever wondered how it feels to stand in a place that is a regular for the Queen? No more wondering. The Twinings Tea Shop is there since the past 300 years to tell you how it feels. And yes, you are right. The Queen herself buys tea from this antique shop!

The Viktor Wynd Museum Of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History

Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop Of Horrors, or the Last Tuesday Society shop as it’s known, is a 21st Century Victorian bureau of interests, situated in East London. Step inside and glimpse everything from polar bears to peacocks, winged creatures to bug figures, skulls, and even a few mermaids.

God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard is a multicolored distribution center labyrinth of carefully assembled neon signs that bursts forward in an old modern bequest like a Vegas illusion. Curated by third-age neon craftsman Marcus Bracey, GOJY serves numerous people. Ranging from free workmanship exhibition and Instagram treasure trove for the general population, you’ll find everything here!

Leadenhall Market

This secured Victorian market is probably the most seasoned market in London, selling meat and fish as far back to the fourteenth century. The current green and red rooftop, in any case, was built in 1881 and made Leadenhall Market a well known fascination in London.

The Hardy Tree

Why ‘Hardy?’ must be what you are wondering right now. Well, it is named so because the multiple gravestones that you see overlapping on each other here were placed by Thomas Hardy itself!

Highgate Cemetery

London Coolest Places To Visit
Top 8 London Coolest Places

Love Gothic? Then try visiting this cemetery! We are sure, it will give you all the creeps that you can find in this world! The graveyard’s burial chambers and structures are built in an overwhelming Victorian Gothic style. Besides, during the mid to late 1800s it was an exceptionally searched after cemetery!

The Ruins Of St. Dunstan-In-The-East

An English church found somewhere between the Tower of London and the London Bridge, it was initially worked during Saxon occasions. Despite the fact that the Great Fire made horrible harm, it was loyally modified, and finished off with a steeple planned by Sir Christopher Wren.

If you are a lover of adventurer, you should surely visit these enchanting places in London. But if there are any travel warnings, never try to do something against it. You never know what trouble you might land in.

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