Travel Visa Guide That Will Help You Roam Abroad

Travel Visa Guide That Will Help You Roam Abroad

Are you planning to visit London? If yes, we are going to take you to the experiential journey through which you can obtain your visa, a travel ticket to London. London is a well-known place that is one of the sixth-largest French city.

A multi-cultural city as it is known, London comprises of well-organized and carefully looked after historical places. the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey St. James Palace, the Tower Bridge, and many more. Although, the citizens of the United States, do not necessitate a visa for tourism or business travels to the United Kingdom, up to a stay tenure of 6 months.

The UK Visitor’s Visa is a prerequisite for the citizens outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland, who are willing to visit London for a short-duration as a tourist.

Travel Visa Guide That Will Help You Roam Abroad
Travel Visa Guide That Will Help You Roam Abroad

If you want to pay a visit to the city, a travel visa is a mandatory asset! Just as obligatory as it is, to acquire it involves a process to go through. From the submission of the documents to getting your Visa approval, the task has never been as easy as it sounds. If you can fulfill the criteria and convince the Visa Officer, BINGO .. you’re in London!

Eligibility Checkpoints For Visa

To prevent overlooking of a few details, let’s take a short and thorough look at the checkpoints to be eligible for application.

The age of the applicant should be at least 18 years of age

  • The applicant has to prove that there is no intention to seek a job opportunity or education during the tenure in the UK
  • The applicant must be financially proficient at upkeeping himself throughout his trip ( living expenses, accommodation, living expenditure, traveling cost, etc.)
  • Apart from Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, permission is not granted to tour any other nation.
  • Moreover, the applicant shouldn’t have any criminal histories.

Admissibility Criteria For London Travel Visa

  • Present proof of return on the pre-scheduled date.
Travel Visa Guide That Will Help You Roam Abroad
Travel Visa Guide That Will Help You Roam Abroad
  • Submission of all the documents of evidence, to verify self-care of all the financial expenses while in the UK.
  • The individual will have to put forward a testimony of activities he would wish to participate in, while in the UK.
  • If applying for a long-term visa, the individual must prove that he/she has a periodic need of visiting the UK. Moreover, the purpose of the visit will be constant for the duration of the Visa.

Application Process For London Travel Visa

  • You can fill the application form either online or by taking a physical copy of it. Online forms will be visible, either on the official website of the British High Commission, or the British Consulate website.
  • After submitting the form, the individual has to visit the Visa Application Center at the designated date and time. Here, his/her biometric data (fingerprint scan and photograph) will be captured.
  • The applicant must ask about the present documents, fees, and his/her visa applications.
  • On completion of the process, an acknowledgment originates. The applicant receives the acknowledgment when collecting the previously submitted documents.
  • The Applicant will get information about the status of the application. That too, within an anticipated period of 3 weeks from applying.
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