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West London Places You Should Explore In The Next Vacation

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London in the name is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. A beautiful destination place situated on river Thames. The West area of London started to establish with the development of Abbey, known as the Collegiate church of Saint Peter, at Westminster, known as Thorney Island back in time. The west London places started to get attraction due to the presence of River Thames and its beautiful Scenery. The area of West London is known to be the most relaxed, full of nature’s treat. West London is famous for its Kew Gardens, where beauty is on cloud nine. With the famous Harrods’s department store, the place is the residence to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Sir William and Lady Kate in the form of 1605 built-up palace named as “Kensington Palace”. West London has incredible architecture and culture to explore. It is famous and worthy to visit.

West London Places To Visit A Must

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Starting with the area near River Thames. Richmond is one of the most attractive locality to visit. The place has royal parks, theaters, galleries, and town centers full of local area shops. Kingston is another riverside locality, which is situated on the ancient market area where Saxon kings were crowned. Now the area has a lot of places to see like Ham house, All Saint Church, Wimbledon mill. A unique structure “out of Order” is also situated here. The structure is made up of 12 disused red telephone which seems like a falling dominoes structure.

Putney, famously known as home to University boat race, an annual event. Also known to be home to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly, author of Frankenstein, lived in Layton’s house. The place is also famous for Heathrow airport to travel destination.

West London Places – Nature Lovers Must Go

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To the nature lover’s places like Chelswick, Kew gardens are the go spot. Full of green spaces out Cheswick is also famous for its restaurants and beer which has been brewed for about350 years at the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery. The Kew Gardens are famous for are species of plants that are fully active. The gardens are house to more than 30,000 species of plants and 7 million preserved plant specimens. The library is the center of research analysis statements over plants. St Nicholas Church is on stop destinations at the place.

West London Places – Shoppers Destination

Shepherds Bush is primarily a residential place but is highly famous for its Westfield shopping center. Fulham is a tube journey to local shops and a shopping hub. Notting Hill is a shopper upcast with The Notting Hill Carnival full of culture and colors. Portobello market is known to be the best markets in London. Battersea area is a residential area out but also full like central London, all thanks to top-noted restaurants and pubs which brings the crowd from worldwide. Chelsea is a place to love for art lovers and music fiestas. Shopping notches for the antique lovers is full to go.


While being in West London one cannot forget to visit the Hammersmith. The district of West London is boundaries by Shepard’s bush in the north to Cheswick to the west and a link between Barnes is by Hammersmith bridge. The area is one of West London’s key to commercial and economical activities. The Ark office is a must to visit but only from outside. The bridge is a gold and green suspension bridge, the oldest and the first suspension bridge on River Thames. The local pub, The Dove is one of the oldest forms to visit.

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